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Modern Finite Element Analysis simulation techniques are able to offer many advantages in creating greater efficiencies in casting processes, in particular for mould design, as well as thermal, flow, and stress analyses. Through simulation techniques, the metallurgy and quality of finished products can be accurately controlled. Further benefits are highlighted below:
  • Thermal and flow optimization
  • Improvement of piston speeds, gating design and overflow positioning.
  • Reduced material wastage.
Casting Simulations

Casting simulations are used to identify various types of issues and suggest solutions to issues such as those listed below:
  • Porosity (Macro and Micro)
  • Shrinkage
  • Slacks
  • Filling speeds and tool wear out prediction
  • Gating issues
  • Microstructure Morphology
  • Carbon defects
  • Grain Sizes
Types of Casting Simulations Performed
  • Sand casting simulation
  • Low pressure die casting
  • High pressure die casting
  • Continuous casting
  • Centrifugal casting
  • Investment casting

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