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October 2016
Platts Global Energy Awards 2016:
Based and continued improvement; Our company nominated as finalist for Platts Global Energy Awards 2016, consecutively 2nd time for the category of 'Breakthrough Solution of the Year'.

April 2016
Menasol Awards 2016:
ZED Solar was finalist in the category of 'CSP Technology Innovation for MENA 2016', the award seeks out CSP technology supplier who has made an important difference to the CSP industry in MENA region.

December 2015
Platts Global Energy Awards 2015:
Recognizing the innovation and outclassed performance and efficiency, our company nominated as finalist for Platts Global Energy Awards 2015, for the category of 'Breakthrough Solution of the Year'.

November 2015
Aedesign Visualization department has started with following services

  • Mechanical design rendering & animation.
  • Automobile visualization & animation.
  • Product modeling & Visualization.
  • 3d & 2d Motion Graphic Design & animation.
  • 2d Graphics Design.
October 2015
CSP Today Award 2015:
In recognition of the successful installation and commissioning of the first ever Solar Dish Park in Dubai in 2014/15, our company won 'CSP Technology and Supplier Award 2015'

July 2014
The first pilot installation of solar dishes at the Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, Dubai
This installation validated the quick and economical solar dish park installation and commissioning processes. The operational data since then reveals that the dishes are very well capable to handle the harsh desert conditions without any degradation in optical efficiency or any other noticeable problems.

May 2014
Solar Invictus Unit of 110KWe provided to Amal and Sweden:
The dishes were manufactured with improvements in prototype design through the lessons learned, out of that lot one dish was installed and tested with Stirling Engine at AEDesign Test Facility in Lahore in December 2013. That dish passed all the performance tests. The Demo park in Dubai is under construction at the moment and is expected to commission in May 2014.

June 2013
AEDesign now an ISO 27001 certified company
Protecting the organizations information is critical for the successful management and smooth operation of our organization. Completing ISO 27001:2013 information security management systems certification will aid the organization in managing and protecting the valuable data and information assets.

November 2012
Active Test Workshop for Vulnerable Road Users
AEDesign participated in the third ActiveTest workshop on vulnerable road users (VRU), held in Borås, Sweden on the 25 and 26 September 2012. Joining more than 70 other participants in the industry, AEDesign showcased their testing tool solution for active safety systems, the AVCASS, to positive reviews. More can be read about the workshop on the following link, under “Workshop 3”. http://www.activetest.eu

September 2012
Solar Invictus Unit of 11KWe provided to Amal and Sweden:
The prototype dish then shipped to Amal, Sweden where it was installed and integrated to 11 kWe Stirling Engine successfully by a team of 6 engineers and technicians from AEDesign in August 2012.

July 2012
Solar Invictus Unit of 38KWe Installed:
The prototype was installed in Lahore and all its design parameters and control system was validated.

January 2012
AEDesign, now an ISO 9001:2008 certified company
Demonstrating our commitment to continuous improvement, quality and standardised procedures and controls, we have successfully passed the internal and external audit to be certified under the ISO 9001:2008 standard for quality management.

Dec 2010
AEDesign establishes its European Headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany
Expands worldwide sales and support

AEDesign has opened a liaison and technical support office in Frankfurt, Germany, to provide engineering and analytical services for the automotive, industrial machinery and renewable energy sectors to support sales and clients in Europe. The Frankfurt office, which will serve as the European headquarters, further enhances AEDesign's presence in Europe and is headed by Uwe Schafmann, Country Head AEDesign GmbH.

As the Chief Executive Officer of AEDesign, Zaafir Waheed's vision: is to expand into new regional markets while aiming to establish long standing partnerships with our clients, to unlock the true benefits that outsourcing can bring. It is our intention to have a stronger presence in Europe, so the opening of this office will help us further establish and expand our relationships with a number of key European industrial as well as automotive customers.

October 2010
1st Solar Invictus Unit Installed:
AED finalized its finest conceptual design model for 11 kWe Dish that was expected to solve the problems in the Solar dishes developed to that date in the world. By the mid of 2010 the detailed design work was completed with the aid of high end computer aided design and engineering softwares and the Patent was applied to Pakistan Patent Office.

March 2009
Company started exertion in renewable energy:
AEDesign started exploring the opportunities in renewable energy field in the March 2009, With initial research and study AED decided that Solar Concentrating Dish and Stirling Engine System within concentrated solar power CSP technologies has greater potential for innovation and technological development.

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