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3D CAD programs have revolutionised the way work is carried out in engineering companies. The ability to virtually view the finished part or assembly and to check its functionality can save valuable time in the development process. AEDesign is able to work with most of the popular CAD packages currently available. Our highly skilled and dedicated team is able to provide a range of CAD design services to cater for the needs of different industries.

As well as creating new designs in CAD, we are also able to carry out detailed design work as well as the generation of engineering drawings which can directly be passed on for manufacturing. It is also possible to convert legacy 2D CAD and paper drawings into 3D CAD format. We are also able to harmonise CAD data creating an effective database that can be linked to an ERP platform.

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AEDesign is able to bring added value to our clients through the execution of such projects. Not only are we able to provide a cost effective high quality solution, but we also have the ability to complete projects in a short time period. When work is outsourced to us, your engineering resources are able to be allocated to more client focused activities or other projects.

Good product support requires well presented service and spare parts manuals. AEDesign can produce complete, multi-lingual manuals including exploded and detailed views. These manuals can be linked to a database that automatically updates itself whenever design changes are made. We also have the capability to make interactive electronic service manuals which can either be available for download or can also be embedded in the control systems of industrial vehicles and machinery. Our engineers have extensive experience in carrying out such work for a wide range of clients.

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