Parabolic Tracking Solar Concentrator for use with a Stirling Engine

The Solar Invictus is a Concentrated Solar Power(CSP) system that is designed for electric power and steam generation on an Industrial scale. The Solar Invictus series has a proven track record in electricity generation with existing and planned installations in multiple countries. The 53S is specifically designed to meet the requirements of Industrial units for their production processes steam requirements.

Solar steam production can help to reduce the reliance on gas and also offers a tremendous cost advantage when compared against existing fuel sources used for industrial steam generation.



• Only feasible alternative for dealing with the conventional fuels crisis and price hikes

• Delivers excellent economics in comparison to conventional fuel powered systems

• Eliminates or reduces reliance on existing fuel sources and uncertainties associated with them

• High steam pressures are available on an industrial scale

• Eligible for Carbon Credits



The Tracking System

The Tracking System

To continuously track sun throughout the day, AEDesign’s Sundish uses dual axis tracking. A rotary actuator is used for azimuth rotation and a linear actuator for elevation, and both systems movement are monitored and controlled by a sophisticated control system. The PLC based control system of Sundish can track sun with a precision of 0.01 degree in both azimuth and elevation axis. It uses a time-position based algorithm and a sun sensor to determine the position of sun, and then employs non-backlash actuators equipped with precision encoders to point the Sundish towards sun. It has a self- diagnostic system to check its functionality at the start of each day and can communicate with other devices over RS-485 Modbus protocol.

Power Curve

CSP technologies show a lower degradation over the life of the system and on a daily basis, give a longer peak period of electricity generation compared to PV systems. See graph.

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