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Solar Concentrating Dish

Parabolic Tracking Solar Concentrator for use with a Stirling Engine

AEDesign has designed and developed a Tracking Solar Concentrator for use with a Stirling Engine (Specifically for Powering Solar Stirling Engine). The Sundish concentrator is to be used for solar thermal applications, to power a Solar Stirling Engine to generate electricity.

AEDesign’s solar dish design eliminates the need for a massive space frame structure, by using strong and stiff reflector panels mounted on spokes and a lighter truss frame connected to hub that holds the Stirling Engine at the other end. These are all supported on a monopole made of standard pipes that need simple foundation. This configura­tion has made the entire design lighter, modular, transportable, economical and easy to assemble on site. Compared to other technologies such as PV systems, the solar concentrator can work for up to 20 years with a degradation of only 2% over the entire period

As of 30/12/2011, the Pakistan Patent Office has successfully granted AEDesign a patent, no. 141320, on its design of the Tracking Solar Concentrator. The system has been successfully deployed in Sweden as well as a 10-dish solar park being installed in Dubai


The Concentrator

The reflector panels capture light on a parabolic solar collector that turns with the path of the sun. Mirrors concentrate the solar energy to a focus point on the engine where hydrogen gas is passed through a system of pipes. The gas drives the pistons in the Stirling engine without emitting any exhaust fumes. A generator then transforms the kinetic energy into electricity engine. 


These panels give a high concentration ratio, focusing sunlight from 9 meter reflectors to a focus spot on the Stirling engine, where this enormous sun power is converted to elec­tricity. The sundish structure is designed and simulated to work satisfactorily with wind speeds of 16 m/s and survive wind velocity of 44 m/s.



The Tracking System

To continuously track sun throughout the day, AEDesign’s Sundish uses dual axis tracking. A rotary actuator is used for azimuth rotation and a linear actuator for elevation, and both systems movement are monitored and controlled by a sophisticated control system. The PLC based control system of Sundish can track sun with a precision of 0.01 degree in both azimuth and elevation axis. It uses a time-position based algorithm and a sun sensor to determine the position of sun, and then employs non-backlash actuators equipped with precision encoders to point the Sundish towards sun. It has a self- diagnostic system to check its functionality at the start of each day and can communicate with other devices over RS-485 Modbus protocol.

Power Curve

CSP technologies show a lower degradation over the life of the system and on a daily basis, give a longer peak period of electricity generation compared to PV systems. See graph.


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