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Static Testing
AEDesign was involved in the analysis and optimization of a c-class vehicle. This vehicle was manufactured and sold in Pakistan. We were primarily responsible for carrying out Linear and Non-Linear Static testing for this vehicle. Several modifications and improvements were carried out on the model to improve the stiffness of the chassis. Some examples from this project are illustrated below.
Crash Safety
In this case, AEDesign was tasked to define load cases and perform crash testing for a new design trailer type fuel tanker. A full set of varying load cases was defined covering the various types of anticipated loads during service as well as during emergency situations. 

Simulations were carried out and design weaknesses were identified for the client. Subsequent design modifications and re-enforcements were made resulting in the design passing the crash testing. The results were verified by the relevant authorities and production go-ahead given for the tanker. 

The series of images shows the different stages of the crash simulation prior to design modifications. It is clearly visible that the mounting lugs failed under heavy deceleration causing the rest of the structure to deform as a result.

Mesh generation is one of the most critical aspects of Finite Element Analysis. It uses a complex system of points called nodes which make the mesh grid. The mesh is programmed to contain the material and structural properties which define how the structure will react in applied loading conditions.

The quality of the mesh determines the quality of the results produced by Finite Element simulations. Strict control on mesh quality parameters like aspect ratios, skewness, taper, and warping enables us to generate a good quality mesh for subsequent simulations. Different types of pre-processing activities are done in the meshing phase:

  • Middle surface generation
  • Meshing for Sheet metal and Plastic Parts
  • Modelling Finite Element connections
  • Weld-spots, bolts, constraint equations, coupling and contacts


Linear and Non-Linear Analysis for Static and Dynamic conditions

  • Linear analysis
  • Nonlinear analysis
  • Dynamics analysis
  • Vibration/acoustic analysis
  • Fatigue (Life estimation) Analysis
  • Crashworthiness Analysis






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